New England Food Service Consulting

Consulting solutions for the 21st century

Everyone here can relate to your problems, we’ve all been there! Ask us how we weathered the storm...

About Us...

We have worked in every F&B Sector with experience in fine dining, hotels, fast casual, healthcare, nightclubs, gaming operations, and much more! We’ve been there, we know what your headaches are, and we’ve had time to work those things out!

Our specialty is operations management but we also offer help with accounting/book keeping, contract negotiations, and anything else that you could use a hand with!

We can offer tool and template development for every area of your business. Our comprehensive training manuals, analysis reports, HACCP plans, and more are now at your fingertips without the headaches associated with reinventing the wheel. We’ll help you determine what message you want to deliver to your team and your customers and then we’ll help capture it for you.


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